About our Parish

Saint John Greek Orthodox Church was founded in 1957. Two groups were most instrumental in establishing this Church, the Ladies' Hellenic Society that accomplished it and the AHEPA (American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association) that encouraged it. The Charleston Greek Community decided to purchase the current church building in Kanawha City and name it after Saint John the Forerunner.

The need arose to receive formal recognition for this Church from the Archdiocese. After the community members appointed a committee on October 20, 1957, it met with Fr. Constantine Mitsopoulos of Huntington and Bishop Polyefktos to formalize plans made earlier for recognition. The Church committee met with Fr. Mitsopoulos on November 1 and drew up plans for an extensive remodeling of the Church building. Work began on November 10 and progressed sufficiently to have the first Divine Liturgy at Saint John on Christmas Day, 1957, with Fr. Mitsopoulos officiating.

It was not until August 28, 1983, that our church was consecrated by His Grace Bishop Maximos, Theofilestatos, of our Pittsburgh Diocese receiving for its altar's foundation the bones of ancient martyrs. Festivities for this occasion, which coincided with the Church's twenty-fifth anniversary, took place throughout the weekend culminating with the Sunday evening banquest-ball, well attended by dignitaries, local priests, visitors, and the Church members.

Since its inception our parish continues to strive to bear more effective witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as expressed in the apostolic tradition and worship of the Greek Orthodox Church. We invite you to also participate in this witness by joining the worship and fellowship of our parish.