Orthodoxy 101 Class

Beginning on Wednesday, February 25, through Lent, Father Matthew will be teaching an Orthodoxy 101 class at 7pm, after Pre-Sanctified Liturgy. This class will be geared towards both non-Orthodox Christians and those who have been raised Orthodox but want to know more about our Faith.

Format will be approximately a 30 minute presentation with 30 minutes for questions and answer.

Cost: Nothing!

Food: St. John will provide a main dish, and everyone is asked to bring their favorite Lenten dish. But bringing food isn't a requirement for attendence!

Orthodoxy 101 Schedule

  1. 02/25 - Where We’re From: Introduction to our Faith
  2. 03/04 - Father out of town
  3. 03/11 - Hammering Things Out: The Ecumenical Councils and Dogma
  4. 03/18 - Father lecturing on ‘Forgiveness’ at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church
  5. 03/25 - Is Our Faith Biblical?: Scripture, Tradition, and Practices of Orthodoxy
  6. 04/01 - The Window into Heaven: our Divine Liturgies / Holy Week Q&A
  7. 04/15 - Where We’re Going: Orthodoxy Today / Q&A from questions of past weeks

Recommended Books

Along with some handouts Father will provide, you may find The Orthodox Church: New Edition by Metropolitan Kallistos Ware to be helpful to read.

If you have any questions please email Fr. Matthew.